Rest Day – May 9, 2020

Today was a rest day…well actually it was more a no run day because this morning we got 2-3 inches of white shite (snow), wind chills in the teens and heavy winds (gusts up to 40 mph), I just did not feel like dealing with the nastiness.

Yeah a snow storm on the 9th of May. Can you believe it!!!

Could I have run?

Sure, if this had been in February or March, it really wasn’t a big deal, but to have one in May, well it just ain’t right. Not running was more in my head than the body needing a day off. I probably would have run if the gym had been open, the treadmill would have been my friend.

Plus I needed to snap a 10 day running streak, so it was a good day to do it.

Yeah, snow on May 9th.

2020 sure has been a topsy-turvy year so far, but I do believe things will get better as the year progresses. I gotta believe that.